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Oscar directed this incredibly striking video for Biffy Clyro's new single 'Tiny Indoor Fireworks' during lockdown. He remotely directed the band to self shoot the video using custom built camera rigs that he designed for the project. The live action footage was then beautifully combined with animation to form a bold and frenetic promo that feels positive and forward looking.

In an interview with Music Week Oscar described the process of making the video during lockdown, saying he relished the challenge: "It's in our job description and very nature to problem solve, adapt and innovate our way around restrictions and creative problems." The video proves how much can still be achieved despite the current restrictions.

The video picked up a videos of the month award from Promo news who called it "explosively creative"

Watch the video here


DIRECTOR: Oscar Sansom

PRODUCER: Beth Allan

COMMISSIONER: Jennifer Ivory

LABEL: Warner Music

ANIMATORS: Ross Hogg, Owen Rixon, Oscar Sansom, Alan Maceachern, Hlin Davíðsdóttir, Harriet Buckley & Vicki Haworth.

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