T in The Park!

We went to T in the Park in July to document the festival for our friends at DF Concerts. It was an intense weekend, filming and turning round edits for social media as we went. First out was this little film showing the happy campers at gates open and at the end we made a roundup film. We made 5 films in total across the weekend including one for the big screen thank you at the end of the festival – apparently we were replacing the fireworks, no pressure!  Lots of fun, lots of hard work, lots of mud, very little sleep!


Hydro Executive Suite

We were delighted to work with the  The Hydro Arena to produce this film to promote their very swanky Executive Suites. Our cast were treated to a night of champagne, dessert trollies and the best seats in the house! Our brief was to show off the excellent facilities and give a window into the glamour of the experience as well as the atmosphere of the live show. It was great fun to film, very much looking forward to filming some bands live in this excellent new venue for Glasgow.


Hot Since 82

Beth Produced these mesmerising promos for dance act Hot Since 82 with Director Ciaran Lions via Halycon. Ciaran has been perfecting this haunting technique of slow exposure on DSLR and uses it to brilliant effect in this pair of videos. The technique allows for some stunning use of ambient light, turning bleak Glasgow locations into colourful surrealist sets. […]


Oscar Sansom directs new promos for Fatherson, LaFontaines

Oscar brings a slick gloss to The Forest Of Black equation, and he’s a grafter too; in between his current rack of broadcast ad work, he’s managed to find time to make a clutch of music videos, including these two. The Fatherson video features new international modelling sensation Chris John Millington, new Glasgow actor face Kirstin Gribbin and the brooding beauty of the Highlands. The LaFontaines meanwhile takes the concept of low budget and runs with it, saying cheap can still be beautiful. Or it least it would say that if Oscar had any concept of being able to make things look cheap.