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Promonews Videos of The Year 1910

We are thrilled to see Rose Hendry's spellbinding video for Arab Strap's 'Fable of the Urban Fox' shortlisted as a Video of the Year 2021 by Promonews! The video was filmed in an allotment in London over the course of a few hours from afternoon into evening last May. Rose explains: 

"I created a set of visual rules which involved keeping the camera in one fixed position - one perspective, one point of view. Using optics to widen our view as we go, starting on a long, claustrophobic lens, in a downward spiral, widening the view of the beautiful but grimy allotment, we end right down on the ground revealing the tragic end of two people’s lives and the sorrow this woman feels"

You can read more about the video here and watch the full film below. Congrats Rose! 

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