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'Addiction Stigma' Campaign Film Is Pick Of The Day from David Reviews

A powerful and emotive new campaign film directed by Michael Sherrington for the Scottish Government was named Pick Of The Day and received a 5 star review on You can read the full review here and find an excerpt below.

The campaign, aimed at tackling public stigma of alcohol and drug addiction by emphasising it as a health condition, was also discussed on major national news reports like Reporting Scotland, The Nine and STV News. We could not be more proud to have been involved in bringing this important campaign to life and are pleased to see the positive response. 

"Director Michael Sherrington has coaxed an immensely authentic performance from an actress who skilfully captures the agony of being too ashamed to ask for help because of the stigma associated with addiction"

Directed by: Michael Sherrington

DOP: Jamie Quantrill

Producer: Beth Allan

Agency: The Leith Agency

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