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'Dive' - Scottish Ballet film released to critical acclaim

We are thrilled at the overwhelming response to our latest ground breaking film made in collaboration with Scottish Ballet, the innovative and cinematic DIVE directed by Oscar Sansom. This kinetic exploration of Yves Klein’s renowned shade of blue continues our relationship with choreographer Sophie Laplane as well as choreographer and co-creator James Bonas.

DIVE was featured in several top picks of the week, including in the Guardian’s “Top five best dance films to watch”.


The Scotsman:

Leave your expectations behind. For nothing, literally nothing, happens as you might think. A work of collaborative genius, milking the best elements of dance and film for all they’re worth.”


The National:

“Dive is a work of refreshing originality and a genuinely cinematic, absolutely invigorating feast for the senses.”


The Gaurdian:
Top 5 new dance films

“Funny, surreal, surprising and bursting with ideas. Crucially, Dive makes the most of the medium to create something that could only be done on screen.”


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