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Blair Young

Blair graduated out of the Glasgow FIlm & Video Workshop scene of the 90s, a beautifully  hotch-potched community of artists, film-makers and freelancers making non-commercial work, and founded The Forest Of Black with Beth Allan in 2004.

Finding a natural partner with the city’s beloved music scene, he had first started making work with low-fi locals  Belle & Sebastian & Camera Obscura, before riding the wave of the mid-naughties boom with Franz Ferdinand and Sons & Daughters to a wider audience for his work.

That developed in to projects for a wider range of international artists, from Antony & The Johnsons to Moby, Badly Drawn Boy, Tokyo Police Club, Airbourne and Stone Sour.

Live work has also included concert films for Idlewild and Biffy Clyro, live at Wembley.

His music video sensibilities inform his work in commercials and documentaries, along with work as second unit director in feature film.